I am honored to have worked with many families in Asheville. Here’s what LM Community members have to say about Little Makers:

“Little Makers has been such a gift for my family. As a parent with no natural supports nearby, it was a huge relief to have Jemia as my children’s first caregiver outside the home. Little Makers provides such a safe and loving environment, and it was the perfect next step my boys after spending their babyhood home with me. It was such a great, gentle beginning to life outside the home. We will always have a warm spot in our hearts for Jemia!”

“We feel so lucky to have had you in our lives. [Our son] loves coming to your house and I feel so comfortable leaving him with you. [He] has made so much progress with his social development and we have you to thank!”

“Thank you for being [my son’s] teacher. [He] looks forward to coming here every day and I am thankful for such a safe, caring environment I get to send my son to.”

“We really love Little Makers!”

“[We] really loved our time there!!!