LM Method

The LM method is based on RIE, LM philosophy of mutual value, and our four core values: Respect, Trust, Sensitivity, and Leadership.

img_0606Within the value of respect, we understand the importance of routine in the learning space. School days are designed in such a way that children can predict their daily schedule of activities. Knowing what to expect, students can become active participants in their learning process, rather than passive recipients. As a result, they are regularly presented with real choices and real outcomes.

Healthy connection, separation, and individuation begin with a relationship of trust. Special attention is placed on this aspect of the child/faculty relationship. In having a steady, reliable relationship with the teacher, students feel safe to interact with the environment freely and learn.

In practicing sensitivity, we are able to assess where each student is developmentally at any given time. We then provide the appropriate learning experiences to meet the child where s/he is, rather than pressure her/him into something s/he is not ready for.

The caregiver’s role in confident, gentle leadership is key to the success of little ones. Rules are simple, have real reasons, and are calmly reinforced. With knowledge of consistent boundaries, children can learn to navigate our complicated world.

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

As parents and carers, we are shaping the people of tomorrow. What job could be more important, more sacred? A foundation for your child’s quality of life is determined through the quality of her/his experiences and interactions now. This includes the quality of interactions between her/his primary caring adults.

The LM philosophy therefore states that we shall do our utmost to partner with parents in modeling functional, cooperative, and mutually respectful relationships. We recognize the value of effort and care families make on their little one’s behalf; we strive to match that level of effort and care with every student.

Through our practice of the LM method as a team, children begin to internalize the practices themselves, and try them with their classmates. They feel the success from doing, and the learning becomes self-motivating.