Application Process


LM takes preschool applications on a rolling basis. This means that we accept applications throughout the school year, and fill spots in the class as they become available.

Each family interested in becoming a part of the LM preschool community must do the following three things:

Schedule and attend an after-school-hours consultation with Jemia– The consultation is an opportunity for caregivers, students, and any other people in on the decision making process, to get a feel for the learning spaces and the teacher. Having it after school hours gives you a chance to also get any questions you have answered in a calm environment with little distraction. Contact Jemia here.

Complete and submit the LM application form

Submit a $50 non-refundable application fee (by cash or check)

Once a family has attended the consultation and submitted their application and registration fee, they are ready to move forward. Families have two options for how to integrate into the LM community of learners and begin schooling:

Option A- Immediate Enrollment

This option is for families who have completed all of the above and are ready to begin schooling right away or as late as within a month of submitting their application. Full tuition and fees in the amount corresponding to the number of days your little maker will be attending (see tuition & fees) is due on or before the first day of school. Depending on when the first day of attendance falls in the month/semester, the tuition and fee amounts will be prorated. In that case consult with Jemia and she will help figure the amount owed with you.

Option B- Delayed Enrollment

This option is for families who have completed all the above and are either: ready to begin schooling right away but there are no openings at present, or for families who would like to begin schooling at some point in the future, later than a month from the date of application. In both these situations, you will be placed on a wait list. Your registration fee will hold your place on the wait list and you will be notified of an opening according to your place in line and age of the student.