Winter at Little Makers

With all this cold weather we’ve had here in Asheville recently, it’s difficult to spend as much time outside as we’d like. Even though it’s been cold, we have been bundling up and spending at least a few minutes outside each day. Fresh air in the outdoors is important! In the past two weeks, we have been exploring and playing with fluffy snow, slippery ice, visible breath, and footprints. We’ve made sure the chickens have had plenty of food and warm water.
chickens2outside play2outside play3
In addition to exploring new things in the cold weather, we have had to spend more time inside, so we’ve been having some inside games that are different from morning independent play-time. We’ve been playing pillow-catch, throwing paper airplanes, having dance parties, and building pillow forts.
Some of our daily efforts include: polite language, asking for help, sharing and taking turns, catching and throwing, saying kind things, learning songs and rhymes, and independently getting prepared for the cold weather. Another focus is letter identification and learning the sound(s) of each letter of the alphabet, and words that start with those sounds.
indoor play1IMG_0361IMG_0324

Although we’ve been enjoying winter, I am earnestly looking forward to the spring when we can have outside story time, and do projects outside. We will also begin planting seeds and bulbs. Gardening is a passion of mine, and I am so excited to teach gardening, and teach through gardening.
So, thank you, winter, for allowing us to learn new skills and try new things. And, here’s to spring for what we’ll learn and try in the coming months!

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