Today we toasted spiced pumpkin seeds and decorated pumpkins. We started by inspecting the details of the pumpkins. They weighed about 6 1/2 pounds each, were bumpy, had ridges, were orange with green stems, and were very hard on the outside. We each drew some pictures of pumpkins, using what we already knew about pumpkins, what we had just observed, and our imagination.

rainbow pumpkin

realist pumpkin

Then, after removing the tops, we scooped out the slimy innards and separated the fleshy orange part from the seeds. It’s a time-consuming job!

removing pumpkin guts

The seeds were rinsed, and we took the slimy parts outside to feed to the chickens – they enjoyed it, but not to the extent I was expecting! We added oil and measured spices into the bowl of rinsed seeds, stirred well, and toasted in the oven for about half an hour for a crunchy treat.

While the pumpkin seeds toasted in the oven, we decorated the pumpkins. I offered to cut any holes they wanted in the pumpkins, but collage was the popular choice. The creativity in the room was abundant! There were laser eyes, mouths that blew fire, Halloween-y hair, bottle-cap eyes, and a checkered mouth.

pumpkin decorating

Those few activities really filled up the three hours we had today. There are more pumpkin and squash themed activities on the horizon, likely involving baking. Do you have any pumpkin-themed activities you like to do with your little makers? Stay tuned for an announcement of next week’s activity!


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