Last Sunday’s Fall Planting and Harvest

Last Sunday we had lots of fun in the garden. First, we learned about how the worm composter works. We collected the rich, finished compost and plucked out the worms to return them to the compost for more work!

After that, we headed out to the garden and tasted several herbs and flowers. We harvested the Thai basil for drying, clipping off the flowers. We chose seeds for cilantro, kale, lettuce, parsley, and spinach. Next we prepared a patch of garden, digging out the weeds and flinging the nutritious worm castings into the area.

Weeding the garden

Compost and soil mixed together, seeds applied and soil patted down, we watered the newly planted seeds with diluted compost “tea” from the worm bin. Then we moved on to harvesting peppers! We learned to harvest the peppers without removing or breaking branches of the plant. Jalapenos, poblanos, and cayennes – they all added up to 4 pounds of peppers!


We cleaned up, and tucked into the comfy couch for some stories, then drew some cooperative drawings. I’m looking forward to this coming Sunday, when we will toast spiced seeds from a pumpkin and decorate the pumpkin. We’ll also check for any seedlings popping up from last Sunday’s planting!


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