Harvest Tea Party!

Yesterday afternoon we had our harvest tea party. We learned how to identify and harvest herbs and flowers from the garden (rub the leaves between your fingers and give it a sniff! Check out the colors and shapes of the leaves and petals). We carefully snipped the herbs from the plants and washed them, separated them into jars (more herb identification and recall), and made seven different teas! While we waited for them to steep and cool to a good drinking temperature, we drew pictures to decorate the tea party room. When the teas were ready, we poured them into white dishes (to explore the color) and tasted. The favorite teas were lemon balm and chocolate mint tea. We found that lemon balm tastes lemony without any lemon, and chocolate mint tastes chocolatey without any chocolate!

IMG_4288We also picked some beautiful flower bouquets to decorate our tea party table.

bouquetWe read lots of stories, beginning with “My Nana and Me,” in which a young girl and her grandmother have a tea party together. I look forward to our next Little Makers tea party, and after any activity or lesson I am eager to record how it went and further research how to make the next one even better! What are some things you do to make a tea party fun and educational?

Please join us for our next Sunday activity! On October 20th, we’ll be planting a fall/winter garden, and on October 27th, we’ll be decorating a pumpkin and toasting the seeds for a delicious snack. Contact me for more information!


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