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"Cooking" together

“Cooking” together

Little Makers Preschool is a place where children can be themselves. It is a heart-based, hands-on place for learning. I aim to provide an environment where children feel safe and encouraged to learn at their own pace.

My goal is that children will have plenty of opportunities to follow their own leads, learn how they best learn, and love being at school.

I provide a dynamic curriculum that I tailor to the ever-changing needs of the children at my school. You can read more about my curriculum here.


I was born in Wisconsin into a big and growing family. With six siblings, I spent a lot of time around children and babies.

Harvest time! Me and my Papa washing pumpkins

Harvest time! Me and my Papa washing pumpkins

We had a large yard with lots of trees and a great big garden, where we grew most of our vegetables for the year. Ever since I was small, I enjoyed planting seeds and watching them develop into our food. The miracle of a small, hard seed sending up shoots and pressing down roots was a joy for me that I was able to experience year after year. Summer life meant tending the garden with marathons of weeding and harvesting, then washing and chopping for freezing.

The work was hard. It taught me patience and a love for delicious, healthy food. Watching things grow was one of my favorite things to do in the garden. This practice of patience and loving care has guided me on my path as a teacher and child care provider.

Growing up and out of my childhood home, I earned a bachelor’s degree in painting, and then a master’s degree in design and digital media. My initial plan had been to study art education, but I felt strongly that my place wasn’t in a public school setting, which is where the education degree’s track would have placed me.

Throughout my studies, I remained deeply interested in the lives of children, and took on roles as a childcare provider whenever possible, from tutor, to teacher’s assistant, to babysitter. After dipping my toes into the professional digital media world, I realized it was not for me. I needed work that felt wholesome, that recharged me, and made me smile each day. My joy and my work needed to overlap.

When I moved to Asheville, in 2011 I started professional childcare in earnest, first babysitting whenever I could, and later getting a job as a preschool teacher at a local private school. My time spent working there helped me realize my passion in a more concrete way. I looked forward to my work each day. It felt important and fulfilling.

I learned over time, though, that some parts of childcare were lacking in this environment. We had a class of up to 23 children with three teachers. Manageable, yes, but I hardly had the chance to connect personally with the children or to help them problem-solve in a truly mindful way. There was little time for careful observation of their growth and development. I felt I was missing out on an important part of the role of being a teacher. I wanted something small, in a space without constant chaos. A place where I would have the time to honor the needs of individual children. So, in 2013 Little Makers Preschool was born.

Free play with boxes at Little Makers

Free play with boxes at Little Makers

It’s been an adventure, and one in which I feel truly grateful for all the families who have been involved. I’m now able to provide childcare that honors the needs of individual children and helps them grow and learn in a safe environment.

Please feel free to contact me for more information or to schedule a visit – I would love to hear from you!

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