Hi! My name is Jemia Moser, and I’m a teacher and child-care provider in West Asheville. I grew up with a big family in the Wisconsin countryside and have been here in Asheville for just over 2 years. I love gardening, music, and cooking, and I’m passionate about teaching children.

Some of my first memories are of helping my “Papa” in the garden. He’d lead me to the garden, armed with a hoe and his re-cycled lunch box filled with dozens of packets of seeds. I’d put the seeds in the ground just right and pat soil over them. We’d water and wait. Gardening taught me patience. It taught me that food takes time and hard work – so do flowers.

bubblesspring2 washing pumpkinsgarden kids

Watching things grow was one of my favorite things to do in the garden. This practice of patience and loving care has guided me on my path as a teacher and child-care provider.

Over the years, watching children grow and fostering their development has become a passion of mine. Gardening remains deeply rooted in my bones. It’s just one of the activities that is central to teaching the children at my school.

At Little Makers Preschool your child will benefit from:

*One-on-one attention in a small home-based preschool
*A safe, loving environment where children can feel free to play, explore, and have fun
*A flexible curriculum tailored to the individual child’s needs
*Mindful teaching and scheduling – consideration and respect for each child’s personal needs for growth and learning

During the week, the school has a maximum of 4 children per day, ages 2-5. My curriculum is centered on teaching methods that serve the development of the whole child.  Our day runs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and our subjects include gardening, exercise, literacy, music, animal care, and art. The teaching facility is not only a school – it is also my home! We have the advantage of being in a comfortable, calm space where young children have numerous opportunities to interact, learn and engage.
indoor play1IMG_0481IMG_0345
I’m certified in First Aid and CPR for children, and have trained extensively in early childhood education. I have a combined work experience caring for young children totaling over 5 years. I also have had the benefit of having six siblings!
Please view my Schedule page for more information about services I offer.
Please feel free to schedule a visit or contact me for more information!

With Love,

Jemia Moser, MS

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